Quality, Reliability, Flexibility and Safer Environment

Based on Hans and Georg Bertfelts’ many years of experience in the process industry, Bertfelt Teknik AB was founded in 1990 with the aim of providing processing industry with innovative products and services. The initial focus was on a unique method of on-line leak sealing.

Since 1995, Bertfelt Teknik AB has been manufacturing and distributing constant flow valves for the European market. Our production plant in Sweden manufactures a wide range of quality constant flow valves that are economical, highly reliable with a long-life expectancy.

Since 2015, Bertfelt Teknik AB has been certified ISO 9001:20015 and ISO 14001:2015. Our European customers are served from our sales offices in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris as well as from our head office in Stockholm.

Over time the company has expanded by distributing a complementary range of high quality and innovative products in Scandinavia:

Spray contol shields (sometimes called flange spray guards or valve Guard shields) for a safer working place in the processing industry. Bertfelt Teknik imports spray shields for distribution to customers on the Scandinavian as well as the Baltic market. BL Instruments is responsible for sales to customers on the Swedish market.

Rotabolt screws bolts with a torque load tension indicator, also called bolts screws with built-in load control. Used by customers who require highly reliable screw bolted joints. Rotabolt is sold to our customers in Sweden and Finland.

Bertfelt Teknik and BL Instruments are part of Aqudox Group.