Irrigation and farming

Irrigation & Farming requires controlled water flow in numerous applications. BT-Maric Flow Control Valves are often used in the following applications:

  • Equitable distribution over vast distances (cap and pipe the bore schemes) – provides an economical means of
    distributing water to numerous properties over vast distances. Limiting flow to a known maximum flow rate will
    ensure mains pressure is maintained and the last property will receive their allocation.Sprinkler flow control – over-spraying wastes water and under-spraying wastes time (ensures consistent output irrespective of sprinkler elevation or available pressure)
  • Prevent collapse of bore
  • Fitted to each outlet ensures uniform output at different elevations
  • Irrigation Water Treatment – Backwash flow rate control
  • Tank/water trough fill rate control – Limiting flow to known maximum flow rate, will ensure adequate line pressure
    to the end of the water main
  • Animal farms – correct and limi­ted flow to all animal stalls
  • Vitamin dosing for stock – dosing equipment
  • Fertiliser dosing for irrigation: In spite of available pressure, or distance from supply, or elevation flow control valves ensure uniform fertilizer delivery
  • Preventing electric motor overload – limiting pump output also limits power draw and potential overload tripping
  • Centrifugal pump protection – BT-Maric flow controllers can prevent cavitation or thrust bearing damage caused from excessive flow rate. 
    Too high a flow rate can damage pumps when;
    • Gate valve is unwittingly opened
    • High standing water table exists at start-up
    • Pipework is empty at start-up
    • Capacity of bore deteriorates below current pumping rate
    • Pipework bursts
    • Pump is required for two different flow rate duties

BT-Maric constant flow valves can be used in many farmins industry. To know more about the different body valves material and control rubber joint, you can dowload our brochure or order our catalogue.

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