To save water in the industry

Although industries have generally made significant efforts over the past 40 years to reduce the amount of water being used and improve the quality of their discharges, the “water footprint” of industrial operations is still important. But today, there is still a long way to go in order to save a more significant amount of water in the industry.

save water in the industry

Here is a simple methodology to do an initial analysis and get ideas for action in order to save water in the industry:


  • Is there a person with overall competence and resources for streamlining the water consumption?

  • Is there any other water than municipal water used?

    • Groundwater, surface water etc.
    • Is the water consumption documented?
    • Is there any history of the water consumption?
    • Is the cost known?
  • Where is water used in the factory/company?

Which areas / units / processes?

    • Personnel area?
    • Processes?
    • Machines: Mechanical seal, Cooling of machinery?


Where is the potential for water savings;

    • In the short term?
    • In the long term?
    • Are there targets for water savings?
  • Is water reused within the factory/company?

  • Is rainwater collected for use in the outdoor environment?

  • Are comparisons made with other similar factories/companies/units/industry? (Benchmarking)

  • Are there any operational changes underway that affect water consumption?



  • Is the company affected by drought and/or large flow of water?

Has a risk analysis been carried out?


  • Are water meters installed at larger consumer points?

Is the result documented?

  • Are Constant flow valves used to limit the flow of water, where possible?

  • Are water circuit breakers used that shut off water in the event of a leak?

  • If rinsing occurs, is the possibility of countercurrent rinsing used where possible?

  • Can water and chemicals be recycled?

For example, for heating and cooling processes

  • Are water-saving fittings such as low-flushing toilets and water-saving showers used?

Are timers/sensors for automatic shutdown used where possible?

– A simple, economical and quick solution to limit the flow and save water in the industry is to install BT-Maric constant flow valves.

Learn more about these here.