Bertfelt Teknik is proud to launch a series of Webinars.

Water is a valuable resource across many economic sectors – and with a limited supply, efficient use of water is an important but often overlooked subject.

You will be able to see here our webinars designed to give you more knowledge about applications for our BT-Maric constant flow valve and give you insights into the latest trends in the water industry.


Business Sweden, together with Bertfelt Teknik AB, EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions, Sweco, Swedish Hydro Solutions, and Weda, recently hosted the webinar “How to save water in industrial processes” to showcase how Swedish smart solutions can help reduce and optimize water consumption – giving second life to one of the most precious resources on Earth.

Listen to the webinar in English here:

link to webinar how to save water

How to saver water in industrial processes