Spray Control in Steel is is an investment in safety and prevents major incidents at sudden leakage

Spray shields: for a safer working place in the processing industry.

Spray Control – the best solution for flanges

Spray Control is an innovative acid-resistant steel construction developed and patented by Hans Bertfelt. The design is based on Hans’ long experience of sealing leaks.

The brilliant thing about Spray Control is the specially woven inner ring consisting of a wire mesh-reinforced mat. The mat has an elevation in the middle that helps to distribute spray while keeping the mat firmly in place between the flanges. The mesh-reinforced mat is flexible and adapts to irregularities. In this way a spray is captured and distributed along the peripheries of the ring and transformed into a harmless run or drip.

Spray shield is easy to mount and remove with no tools required and is made from stainless material that is resistant to most aggressive substances, hot and cold products and UV radiation. It is also available for oval and rectangular flanges.