Tailor-made OEM Solutions

Bertfelt Teknik has the widest range of pre-set constant flow valves regardless of pressure on the market. We offer thousand constant flow valves for industrial use that save water and make products/processes more efficient. We also offer Tailor-made OEM solutions in order to meet your customers’ challenges.

OEM Manufacturers are challenged by

  • saving water (minimizing) and or optimizing the water consumption of their equipment
  • supplying equipment with precise water flow rate that does not change over time
  • the installation of their equipment at customers sites that have varying water pressure that changes over time
  • the operation of their equipment at very challenging conditions: sometimes with very low pressure (below 1 bar) or very high pressure (above 10 bar)
  • having very little physical space available in their equipment for valves to control flow rate
  • customer’s or their own requirements in terms of traceability/marking
  • achieving an efficient, flexible and reliable supply chain for components
Taloir-made OEM solutions: Osmoflo Australia uses System Maric constant flow valves to control flow in a reverse water treatement plant.

Taloir-made OEM solutions: constant flow valves to control flow in a reverse water treatment plant

Bertfelt Teknik meet these challenges with the BT-Maric constant flow valves

For more than 30 years Bertfelt Teknik AB have been working in partnership with OEM customers, providing our customers with high quality constant flow valves that delivers a precise pre-set flow rate, regardless of pressure. The product range is very large and complete with many standard flow rates starting from 0,15 L/min increasing in small steps up to 13 500 L/min (DN6-DN400). The full standard range is presented here. However, if you cannot find the constant flow valve that you need, please contact us. Often we manage to develop a tailored solution to meet our customers very specific requirements.

We can develop solutions that meet your most demanding requirements by:

  1. Changing the valve body material
    Our standard material for the valve bodies is brass, U-PVC and stainless steel (316), but if you order more than 100 pcs of each valve, we can supply in other materials such as duplex, bronze alloys, titanium POM-C or PP…
  2. Customizing the valve bodies for a better fit in your construction
    Many of our customers have special requirements on the dimensions of the valves and we can many times, in close collaboration with our customers designers, modify our basic design to better fit into our customers equipment.
  3. Providing you with valves for specific pressure ranges (high or low) that meets specific performance requirements
    Our standard control rubber is with control rubber type Precision with a pressure drop of 1,4 to 10 bar across the valves but we can also offer you valves for Low Pressure (starting from 0,4 bar) and Hight pressure applications (up to 20 bar).
  4. Customizing the information marked on your valves
    Our standard marking is with our logo and order information but we are willing to discuss alternatives to better suit your needs.
  5. Together with your company, develop an efficient and robust logistical solution
    For OEM-customers we develop suitable efficient logistical solutions by balancing low price, short lead times and stock holdings based on yearly volumes.

Bertfelt Teknik adds value to your product and applications by:

  1. Providing you with constant flow valve tailored to your specific requirements
  2. Providing you with reliable, robust, compact and durable components
  3. Providing you with a logistical solution tailored to your operations

For more information regarding Tailor-made OEM-solutions please send an email to OEM@bertfelt.com or make a call to any of our sales people.