BT-Maric Constant Flow Valves save water and make products and processes more efficient – by always providing the chosen specified flow rate. The many unique features make the valves suitable for a variety of applications.

Standard connections

The BT-Maric Constant Flow Valves are available
in 3 standard connections:


Threaded constant
flow valves

BT-Maric Threaded Constant Flow Valves are designed for pipes from 1/8″ up to 2″ and regulate flow rate from as low as 0,15 L/min up to 342 L/min.

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Constant flow valve
type Inserts

BT-Maric Inserts are designed to be fitted inside existing pipe work or other equipments. They control flow rates up to 233 L/min.

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Constant flow valve
type Wafers

BT-Maric Wafers are designed to be placed between flange for pipe sizes between DN20 up to DN400. They control flow rates up to 13.500 L/min.

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Many applications, one solution

BT-Maric Constant Flow Regulators are designed to your flow rate specification and deliver a pre-set (non-adjustable) flow rate, that automatically controls the flow of fluid in a pipe – irrespective of varying pressure differential.
The most common applications are:



water treatment

water autorities

irrigation and farming

  • Watering installations in irrigation and farming projects – ensure optimum fluid flow at all outlet points.
  • Animal farms – correct and limi­ted flow to all animal stalls.

project market

  • District heating distribution – creates optimum return flows to ensure minimum flow during summer period.
  • Commercial facilities – hotels, restaurants, condominiums, event area.
    – shower, sinks, toilets, drinking fountains; reducing excessive water usage.
  • Humidifiers – ensure the correct fluid flow in the system.

pump protection

  • Mining and wellpoint installation – gland water flow control to gland-packing/stuffing box and mechanical seals of centrifugal and slurry pumps.
  • Machines and plants
    – ensure that an operator cannot wrongly adjust the fluid flow by mistake.
    – ensure the correct amount of fluid to machines in export countries where water pressures could vary.

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Hans Bodin, Managing Director of Åkab System, has been using BT-Maric Constant Flow Valves for many years in process equipment for the Swedish Food Industry.
Mr Bodin says that “In all projects we make sure to streamline and find resource-saving solutions when it comes to water and energy. In many of these projects, Constant Flow Valves are used to limit water consumption”.

Hans Bodin / Åkab System.