Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of our progress and we now have customers in the following sectors:

The mining, forestry, processing, engineeringmanufacturing, food processing and vehicle industries, machinery and equipment manufacturers, makers of flow-related equipment, municipal water and wastewater plants, etc.

Today Bertfelt Teknik provides brilliant solutions for its customers, mainly based on the following products:

Constant flow valves (sometimes called flow controllers, flow limiters or throttle valves) which facilitate precise constant fluid flows regardless of pressure. These we sell in most European countries.

Spray shields (sometimes called flange spray guards or valve guardshields) for a safer working place in the processing industry. Spray shields we sell in Scandinavia.

Rotabolt, screws bolts with a torque load tension indicator, also called bolts screws with built-in load control. Used by customers who demand reliable screw bolted joints. These products we sell in Sweden and Finland.