Satisfied customers: the cornerstone of our company

Today, Bertfelt Teknik is a leading manufacturer of constant flow valves for the European market and a distributor of spray control shields and high-quality bolts (Rotabolt) for the Scandinavian market.

Customer proximity is very important to us. With our sales offices in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris and our headquarter in Stockholm, we serve our customers throughout Europe. We assist our customers in designing customized valves and inserts that can be put to use in existing and/or improved installations. We are the first choice partner for OEM manufacturers.

Bertfelt Teknik provides the following high-quality reliable products:

a wide range of BT-Maric constant flow valves DN6-DN400 regulating flow rate between 0,15 to 13500 L/min

Constant flow valves (sometimes called flow controllers, flow limiters or throttle valves) which facilitate a pre-set constant flow for water and other media regardless of pressure.

Spray control shields (sometimes called flange spray guards or valve guard shields) for a safer working place in the processing industry. Bertfelt Teknik imports spray shield for distribution to customers on the Scandinavian as well as the Baltic market. BL Instruments is responsible for sales to customers on the Swedish market.
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Rotabolt, screws bolts with a torque load tension indicator, also called bolts screws with built-in load control. Used by customers who demand reliable screw bolted joints. Rotabolt is sold in Sweden and Finland.

A wide range of constant flow valves, spray shields and high-quality screws suitable for a wide variety of markets

Active for over more than 30 years, Bertfelt Teknik offers a wide range of equipment: constant flow valves, spray shields and high-quality screws all suitable for a wide variety of markets such as mining, engineering, manufacturing, food processing and vehicle industry, etc.


Since 2015, Bertfetlt Teknik has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. All our products and processes are tested and reviewed according to these standards in order to ensure high, reliable and consistent quality.


For Bertfelt Teknik, the safety of its staff and its partners has a high priority. Therefore, all products and processes are designed considering people’s safety.

Reduced impact on the environment

By implementing the ISO 14001:2015 standard, Bertfelt Teknik works constantly on reducing its environmental footprint. Our constant flow valves have a positive impact on the environment helping us in managing our water supplies.

How can the industry reduce its “water footprint”?

Water is a fundamental resource for industry, a sector which is the second consumer of water after agriculture with 22% of the water volumes withdrawn worldwide (source: Agence Française de Développement, AFD) which represents more than 800 billion m3 of water per year. According to the Mc Kinsey Study “Charting our water future” published in November 2009, this figure should increase to 1500 billion m3 in 2030. Water is at the heart of many industrial processes.

Today, water shortages are becoming a growing concern in both developed and emerging countries. They are likely to paralyze industrial processes at certain times of the year. In France, the Côtes-d’Armor or the Vosges are in drought. In other places, there may be seasonal shortages.

Companies must work on reducing their water footprint.

One simple solution offered by Bertfelt Teknik is to use constant flow valves in industrial processes. Bertfelt offers a full range of constant flow valves that optimizes and/or limits the water usage. By specifying an optimal flow rate and adapting the manufacturing process to the lowest possible flow rates, water consumption will be reduced. Bertfelt offers constant flow valves for all types of applications in the industry: mining, manufacturing, processing, etc.