Water Authorities

Various water authorities have been installing BT-Maric Flow Control valves as standard practice for many years – particularly for commercial connections, areas where unusually high pressure is supplied, and in areas where there is insufficient infrastructure to give everyone an unlimited/unrestricted supply. BT-Maric constant flow valves are generally installed immediately next to the water meter.

Water shortages are becoming a growing concern. It is important for Water Authorities to improve efficiency and reduce wastage. Limiting flow rate to consumers is becoming popular. BT-Maric Flow Control valves can be used for numerous applications, by automatically limiting or maintaining a consistent flow of water where needed.

Maric Flow Control Valves are used by Water Authorities for various applications such as

  • Flow control instead of water meters and to force water restrictions
  • Flow limiting – extending water meter life
  • Facilitating distribution of water over vast distances
  • Reducing infrastructure costs
  • Restricting supply to prompt payment of overdue bills
  • Maximise revenue via optimised use of existing infrastructure
  • Maintaining mains pressure

BT-Maric constant flow valves can be used in many applications with challenging environement. To know more about the different body valves material and control rubber joint, you can dowload our brochure or order our catalogue.

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