Protecting a centrifugal pump from cavitation with a constant flow valve


When a centrifugal pump operates at the right-hand side of the Best Efficiency Point on the pump curve, cavitation may occur. Then the shaft may undergo deflection, seals and bearings can be stressed. This causes a drop-in pump efficiency and an increase in power consumption. The pump may also trip.


A tamper-resistant method of protecting centrifugal pumps from running off their curve is to place a BT-Maric constant flow valve, type Wafer, close to the pump discharge.

The benefits of using BT-Maric constant flow valves are:

1) Non-adjustable, which prevents pump owners from changing the flow rate. Pumps are often damaged, when the throttling gate valve is unwittingly opened to achieve a higher flow rate.

2) Maintenance free, reliable and self-cleaning.

3) As there are no wearing parts, the valves require no maintenance, adjustment or cleaning during their 20+ year life span.

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