Picture of installations that use Constant Flow valves

Constant flow valves, system Maric, are a brilliant mechanical construction for ensuring correct specified fluid flow regardless of pressure.

Constant flow valves, system Maric, helps to streamline and improve your product or process and reduce your flow-related costs by always providing the correct specified fluid flow, even as the pressure varies. Pressure variations often occur in systems with many points of consumption. Our Constant flow valves are fully automatic, maintenance-free, and self-cleaning and are extremely reliable, offering a service life of ten years and more.

In Sweden, Bertfelt Teknik manufactures constant flow valves, system Maric, for the European market. The valves are designed for flows from 0.4 lit/min to 8,854 lit/min and are available in three standard connections: screwed, wafer or insert. We also help our customers to customise valves and inserts that can be easily adapted to existing and/or improved constructions.

The following chart shows the typical performance of our a constant flow valves.

Picture of Performance graph for standard valves with control rubber type

The accuracy is better than +/- 10% for normal applications.


A host of Many applications, one solution

Constant flow valves can be used in a host of many applications. The most common include:

Dosage systems – usually together with a magnetic valve for easy control of fluid mixing.

Industrial (washing) processes – precise control of chemical mixtures.

Mechanical sealing – constant flow valves are used to regulate fluid flows to pump gaskets and to regulate water flows in bore holes.

Municipal waterworks – limits maximum water tapping to allow better dimensioning of systems.

District heating distribution – creates optimum return flows to ensure minimum flow in summer period. Pumps – protects against cavitation effects.

Pumps – protects against cavitation effects.

Fire protection – controls the maximum flow per unit in emergency situations.

Watering installations – ensures optimum fluid flow at all outlet points.

Cooling systems – ensures the correct amount of fluid in the system.

Humidifiers – ensures the correct fluid flow in the system.

Emergency shower systems for industry – ensures that all connected units receive the amount of water required in emergency situations.

Filtering equipment – ensures the specified amount of fluid.

Machines & plants for export – ensures the correct amount of fluid to machines in export countries where water pressures could vary.

Machines and plants – ensures that an operator cannot wrongly adjust the fluid flow by mistake.

Eyewash – prevents too much fluid in emergency situations.