Bolts with load tension indicator — Rotabolt

Rotabolt is a brilliant patented solution that ensures that a bolt is tightened to the required load tension effectively, reliably and economically while facilitating easy control of the load tension during operation.

In nine cases out of ten, when a leak occurs in a flange or a screw loosens or breaks due to fatigue, it depends on the bolts having been installed with incorrect load tension, usually too low. Even the best torque wrenches are unreliable up to +/- 40%. Hydraulic wrenches are very unpredictable as well. When the wrench is removed, the system settles, which affects washers, threads and gaskets and results in the final load tension being much lower than required. Using RotaBolt, all bolts can be easily checked for the correct load tension during tightening. This check is also possible during operation when the bolt is in place and does not require the use of tools. Each Rotabolt is equipped with a load tension indicator (rotor). Check that the rotor is fixed using your forefinger and thumb. If it is loose, tighten the bolt until the rotor is fixed.

Rotabolt reduces installation and inspection costs as well as the the risk of a breakdown. RotaBolt ensures that each bolt is installed correctly, which means that the dimension and the number of bolts can be more precisely specified in the design stage. Rotabolt is used in a range of critical applications. Customers are found in the vehicle, construction, power and processing industries, offshore as well as in the armed forces.

Rotabolt ensures a correct load tension to an accuracy of +/- 5%. It is the bolts elongation that is measured, not the torque at assembly or other extraneous factors. The elongation is a direct measurement of the load tension. Rotabolt is used wherever there is a need for a quick, simple and reliable check during operations that bolts have the specified load tension. This is especially applicable when stress occurs through temperature and pressure changes, and vibrations.

Rotabolt can also be used in demanding, damp and dirty environments and has been used successfully in temperatures up to 630°C. Rotabolt is manufactured by Rotabolt Ltd, a part of the global James Walker Group.