Many applications, one solution: constant flow valve, BT-Maric

Constant flow valves can be used in many applications. The most common applications are:

Dosage systems – usually together with a magnetic valve for easy control of fluid mixing.
Industrial (washing) processes – precise control of chemical mixtures.
Mechanical seals – constant flow valves are used to regulate fluid flows to pump gaskets and to regulate water flows in bore holes.

Municipal waterworks & water authorities – limits maximum water tapping to allow better dimensioning of systems.
Water treatment & filtration equipment – creates optimum return flows to prevent damaging sensitive filters.

District heating distribution – creates optimum return flows to ensure minimum flow during summer period.
Project market – making sure that all users get a correct but limited flow.

Pumps – protects against cavitation effects.
Fire protection equipment – controls the flow rate in high flow applications when fluids needs to be mixed in precise proportions.

Watering installations in irrigation and farming projects – ensure optimum fluid flow at all outlet points.
Cooling systems – ensure the correct amount of fluid in the system.
Humidifiers – ensure the correct fluid flow in the system.
Emergency shower systems for industry – ensure that all connected units receive the amount of water required in emergency situations.
Filter equipment – ensures the specified amount of fluid.
Machines & plants for export – ensure the correct amount of fluid to machines in export countries where water pressures could vary.
Machines and plants – ensure that an operator cannot wrongly adjust the fluid flow by mistake.
Eyewash – prevents too much fluid in emergency situations.

Mining – gland water flow control to gland-packing/stuffing box and mechanical seals of centrifugal and slurry pumps.