Controlling (limiting) flow rate of irrigation water


Irrigation of vineyards around Adelaide, South Australia is a common practice. In general, reclaimed water is used for this type of application because it is cheaper than bore water and safer. In most cases, it is very important that all winegrowers are given an equal share to the reclaimed water, regardless of distance to the water source and that the daily water allowance is not exceeded. If users exceeded their daily water allowance, they face huge fines.


To prevent users from exceeding their maximum daily water allowance, BT-Maric Flow Control valves were installed at pipeline connections. (see blue arrow).

The benefits of installing a BT-Maric Flow Control Valve are:

1) BT-Maric Flow Control Valves enable users to get their agreed daily water allowance regardless of distance to the water source as well as other user points on the same line.

2) BT-Maric Flow Control Valves cannot be tampered with and the users thus have equal access to the irrigation water.

3) BT-Maric Flow Control Valves deliver a pre-determined, constant flow rate regardless of pressure drop and distance from the source. Our constant flow valves prevent the users from exceeding their daily water allowance and the risk of a huge fine.

4) BT-Maric Flow Control Valves are a cost-efficient solution as they do not need to be serviced.

5) BT-Maric Flow Control Valves have a long-life expectancy (up to 20 years).

6) BT-Maric Flow Control Valves save water: the most important natural resource in the world, don’t you agree?

Are you looking for a solution to save water for your irrigation system?
Do you need to control water distribution among many outlet points regardless of distance to your water source?

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