Controlling water flow in an humidifier


It is essential that cabin humidity on an airplane is kept constant regardless of pressure variations. For this purpose, humidifiers (with water as it’s media) are used. One of many issues for these humidifiers is that the cabin pressure is not constant which can influence the flow rate in the humidifiers.


To prevent this, BT-Maric Constant flow valves, type inserts, have been chosen to ensure a pre-set flow rate, regardless of pressure variations.
Humidifiers on airplanes must be extremely reliable and cabin humidity must always be kept constant regardless of pressure variations.

The benefits of using BT-Maric constant flow valves are:

1) reliable, simple to install and tamperproof.

2) are cost-efficient solutions as they do not need to be serviced.

3) have a long-life expectancy (up to 20 years).

4) ensure a constant flow rate in the humidifier system.

5) save water: our most important natural resource on earth!

Have you got similar challenges as the example above?
How do you control your water flow rate in your humidifier equipment today?

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