Bertfelt Teknik is proud to share with you the latest news about our company and our constant flow valves.

Most parts of the world are facing escalating difficulties in meeting the growing demand for water. Water is a precious ressource that needs to be saved. It will be more and more important to limit water consumption. You can read here the latest news about our company and constant flow valves in our Press Releases below.

Control the flow in your application and save water with BT-Maric constant flow valves! 

Stockholm, January 25th, 2021

For the first time, Bertfelt Teknik participated  in CYCL’EAU Toulouse, the regional trade fair dedicated to water management for public and private stakeholders, from January 13th to 14th with

  • hundreds of participants in live, around 7 round tables with more than 2,500 views on Youtube
  • more than 200 registered for B2B meetings thanks to AD’OCC and EEN.

Today, the water deficit in the Occitania region is around 160 to 200 million m3 and will increase to 1.2 billion m3 by 2050. The difficulty of securing potable water and sharing water between municipalities, the agricultural and industry world will be at stake for years to come.

The reflection and awareness of a real “water crisis” began in 2018. The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had requested that consultation take place to “find solutions, territory by territory”.

It is exactly to respond to this issue of resilience, in a territorial and targeted manner, that CYCL’EAU Toulouse, through its show, has made it possible to locally address national water management issues. The show offered solutions regarding the need to save water that are supported by communities.

You can find the conferences on Youtube.


Many water treatment processes require an accurate and inexpensive method of controlling flow rate. The BT-Maric Flow Control Valve has been developed to provide a constant pre-set flow rate regardless of pressure levels and fluctuations.

BT-Maric flow control valves are used in a variety of processes including reverse osmosis, media filtration and chemical dosing. The BT-Maric valve ensures a constant flow of water regardless of the pressure variations that might occur in the system. Their simple design, with no wearing parts, is well suited to desalination plants and water treatment systems. The valves are also tamperproof and require no adjustment or maintenance.

One typical application for BT-Maric valves in water treatment is to control backwash flow rate and prevent loss of media in the media filters when the same pump is used for service duty and backwash. During backwashing, it is essential to maintain the correct flow rate as specified by the filter manufacturer.  The correct rate ensures the ideal upflow velocity and bed expansion of the filter media for optimum cleaning. Too high a flow rate will wash the media bed out of the tank, where it will be lost to waste, rendering the media filter useless. A flow control valve fitted in the backwash circuit ensures optimum media cleaning and prevents loss of media.

According to desalination and wastewater treatment specialists, BT-Maric Flow valves enable to use the media filter feed pump as a backwash pump, resulting in cost savings by avoiding the need to install a dedicated backwash pump, whilst still controlling the backwash flow rate and protecting the pumps from damage.

The BT-Maric Flow Control Valve is also critical in circumstances where the Water Treatment Plant is designed to accept pressurised feed water supply; it provides a cost effective and reliable way to control the backwash flow rate without the need to control the client’s feed pump.

Bertfelt Teknik AB has obtained the ACS, Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (the French potable water certificate).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Liliane Laroche on +33 1 86 65 58 12or by email

Read Press Release – Cycleau Toulouse>>

Bertfelt Benelux was part of the trade fair Aqua Nederland Digitaal for the first-time!

Stockholm, July 8th, 2020

Aqua Nederland has been carried out as a virtual trade fair this year! Bertfelt Benelux was proud to be part of this new initiative and was able to meet you and many others virtually on Thursday afternoon July the 2nd 2020 during Aqua Nederland Digitaal.

Due to the Coronavirus, Aqua Nederland could not be held as usual. A new digital platform was created to enable water technology professionals and knowledge partners from the sector to meet and discuss such important matters as “Circular economy”, “the future of potable water” and much more…

With the pressing challenges facing the water sector, this was an excellent time to come together and work together.

Safe from behind computers or telephones, all participants could take part of important discussions and visit our booth as if they were there!

The digitalisation of the water industry is accelerating, and the Aqua Nederland digital is part of this transformation. Bertfelt Teknik has recently launched its LinkedIn account to meet you on the social media and soon on Youtube. Follow us and comment on our posts!

Bertfelt Teknik at Aqua Nederland Digitaal

In collaboration with Brinkmann & Niemeijer, Bertfelt Teknik will supply constant flow valves to limit water flow and thus save water in mobile emergency hospital in the fight against Corona virus.

Stockholm, April 24th, 2020

For many years, Brinkmann & Niemeijer has built and supplied mobile washing facilities and toilets for various mobile emergency hospitals. These mobile emergency hospitals have been deployed everywhere in the world. They are often used by the Red Cross in war zones or in natural disasters.

But today, in order to fight against Corona virus, Brinkmann & Niemeijer is supplying a complete system with sinks and toilets for a mobile emergency hospital in Amsterdam. In order to reduce pressure and limit the water flow to the mobile pipe system and save water, B&N is using BT-Maric constant flow limiters. The threaded constant flow valves are providing a pre-set constant flow rate regardless of the pressure variations within a range of 1,4-10 bar to the sinks and toilets.

Bertfelt Teknik is proud to be part of this project and we would like to take this opportunity to thanks Brinkmann & Niemeijer for their collaboration. All our toughts are with the health care personnel who is fighting the Corona virus! Read Press Release >>

BT-Maric constant flow valves are used to limit flow rates and thus save water in mobile hospitals

Save water. An important objective of the French government with the Secretary of State to the Minister for the ecological transition, Emmanuelle Wargon and Bertfelt Teknik at the Carrefour des Gestions Locales de L’Eau in Rennes.

Stockholm, February 4th, 2020 Read Press Release >>

Great interest for BT-Maric constant flow valves at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019!

Stockholm, Nov. 10th, 2019 Read Press Releases >>

Constant flow valves rated for as little as 0,15 L/min to save more water and ACS-certificate for potable water applications are highlights from Bertfelt Teknik at Aquatech!

Stockholm, Sept. 24th, 2019 Read Press Releases >>

Great interest for saving water with constant flow valves at Hannover 2019!

Stockholm, May 5th 2019. Read Press Releases >>

Bertfelt Teknik AB obtained the French potable water certification for its constant flow valves: ACS, Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire in July 2018.

Stockholm, February 28th 2019. Read Press Releases >>